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Directly: (E)
(704) 408-5201 (P)
PO BOX 481431, Charlotte, NC 28269 (A)

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Grants Awarded:

City of Charlotte Jumpstart Grant
The Blackbaud Giving Fund/Wells Fargo Community Care Grants Program

CWC Donor’s List:

Kara Klein
April Nealey
John Oldi
Natasha Graham
Achsah Gridine
Dawn Arvelo
Sheray DeLeon Brown
Jennifer Otis
Shalamane Jones
Janeira Forte Towns
Krista Terrell
Ola Kelly
Jeff Hood
Sonya Rorie
John Lassiter
Closet D Luxe LLC
Melissa Atherton

Camp Counselor:
Tully and Allison Nelson
Jessica Saxe
Venetia St Vilus
Celeste Youngblood
Tanzania Burqhardt
Mack Gadsen
Marc Fuller
Kerry Kendrick
Kwain Bryant
Charlie Chirchirillo

Camp Leader:
Douglas and Laura Caldwell
Thruston and Patricia Morton
Jenine Dunn
Todd Wiebusch
Vincent Alexander
William Cradle
Minor Law Offices, PLLC
No Grease Barbershops, Inc
Paul Manley/High Tide Hospitality
Charles Blanton
Terence Guess/TEG Mortgage